Are you looking for a partner who panders to the planet, takes sustainability seriously and would love a date at organic restaurant?

Then look no further. Nigel's Eco Dating is for intelligent, thinking people that like to go out, have fun and who care a bit more about the planet.

People like you. Because green has never been sexier.


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Finding love, or even a date, can be a tricky project. It's hard enough, but when you're looking for chemistry, physical attraction, love... and someone with shared ethical and environmental values, it can be a tall order.

Sharing concern about climate change and environmental issues means looking for a like minded carbon footprint reducer who'll take sustainability seriously.

This is not just about a meeting of minds: there’s still room for romance – but it may be locally grown organic flowers and fair trade chocolates instead of additive full, shipped-in varieties.

Nigel's Eco Dating is a new dating site that helps self-proclaimed eco warriors, Prius drivers and recyclers who prefer a date with someone whose values are closer to Al Gore than Alan Sugar.

So if you're searching for a partner who recycles and composts everything but toenails, or who's dream house is a solar powered pad lit by energy saving lightbulbs, then join now for free!